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Bob the Robber 4 France


Our local burglar has turned his gaze overseas and in his 4th adventure, Bob the Robber 4 Season 1! Paris is a lovely destination for a vacation, but it also offers lucrative business opportunities for a dedicated thief. Bob enjoys the touristic locations of Paris, but he is even more interested in the things locked away in sturdy safe-boxes. As the sneaky burglar, your objective in Bob the Robber 4 is to collect the treasures located at the end of each level while solving puzzles, avoiding security cameras, and staying hidden from the security guards. No one would notice a few missing art pieces! If they didn't want those art pieces to be stolen, then they shouldn't have put them on display, right? Bob is there to pick every lock, and no safe is able to resist his nimble fingers! The game has 15 levels, each with different designs, puzzles, and treasures. In each level, along with the main treasure, you can find hidden cash. Bob is an expert thief and he has an eye for these hidden stashes. Watch closely as you make your way through the different rooms. Help Bob the Robber earn some money once again in this funny platform puzzle game. In the fourth sequel you will have to sneak into houses and steal as much money as you can without getting caught by cameras or guards. Bob will inform you about the presence of any stack of unsuccessfully hidden cash. Leaving such easily accessible money behind is a violation of the first rule of "Bob's Guide to Thievery"! Hide, memorize codes and act fast to earn enough money to buy new clothes and equipment to upgrade your robbery skills. Steal the target item and go to the exit door to complete the mission. Use the money to buy new gadgets and costumes to help you on your mission. Try to find all the hidden money in each level to earn the maximum amount of stars at the end. Be careful though! The museum is guarded by both security cameras and live guards! Getting caught will put an end to Bob's vacation immediately. Luckily, there are shadows that you can lurk in until things calm down. When you are in the same room with a guard or a security camera, find a patch of shadows to hide in. Have fun with this sequel of Bob The Robber 3! This time, Bob the Robber is going to France to try to make a fortune. His stealth and stealing abilities are once again tested but with a bigger challenge. Staying still will render you invisible to the guards. Wait for the right moment to jump out and knock them unconscious! Grab your lock pick and prod every lock until it pops open! Avoid the security cameras and the guards or you can get arrested. You can also hide in the shadow and knock out the guard from behind. Pick the lock to open the locked door and don't forget to check all the objects to find some money. Each mission has a different challenge, try to observe your surroundings carefully first before making your move. Can you help Bob to successfully beat France's challenge?

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Arrow Keys: Move/Interact

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4/8/2019 5:19:45 PM

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Bob the Robber 4 France

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