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Description: is a fun browser game about people and coronavirus. We made a game for you so you can collect toilet paper here too, but just do not get infected with this coronavirus, otherwise you will have to look for a doctor and die from coughing, vomiting and dudes with bats. There are 4 kinds of people in the game: Healthy person - can walk or run on the map and look for a disinfector or bat to become a doctor or a killer. Infected with coronavirus - can cough and puke, cannot run. The task is to infect as many people as possible or find a doctor and recover. The doctor is a player with a disinfector in his hands. Can squirts out of the disinfector and run around. The task is to cure as many infected with coronavirus as possible. The killer is a batsman. Can beat and run. The task is to kill as many infected as possible. Coronavirus infected each action loses a certain amount of health, in order to replenish it, it is necessary to collect toilet paper.

How to play?

Mouse: Move
Left Mouse Button: Attack
Right Mouse Button: Speed Up

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4/17/2020 10:54:55 AM

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Browser Collecting Coronavirus Coughing COVID-19 Disinfectant Disinfector Epidemic Free Funny GameMonetize HTML5 Human Infect IO KSGames Microbe Multiplayer Online Pandemic People Toilet Paper Virus Virus Outbreak Vomiting Weird

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CoronaVirus19 Walkthrough Video - How to Play?

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