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Flipping Gun Simulator


Ultra realistic physics game, where you can try yourself in shooting. Shoot wisely with AWP and pistols, make fantastic burts with automatic weapons or blow it up with bazooka. Shoot your gun towards the ground so that you can fly high into the sky. Collect coins, bullets and boosts to make your game last longer. Once you run out of bullets or hit the bottom it is game over. Use your coins to unlock new guns to help you flip even higher. Flipping knives is for sissies. Try flipping a real weapon, like a handgun or an AK 47. Flipping Gun Simulator is a fun-addicting reaction and distance game made only for rough players who like throwing dangerous stuff in the air. Just tap the screen to make your gun shoot, pushing itself in the opposite direction. Your goal is to reach as high as possible, collecting lots of coins, boosters and bullets. Those are important, because once you run out of bullets you won’t be able to shoot. Flipping Gun Simulator is the cool arcade game in which timing is critical as you shoot the floor to generate momentum and keep the gun air bound as you try to best your high score in traveling the furthest distance. Use your coins to buy new, better weapons, like a ray-gun or even a bazooka. Use physics to aim your gun as it rotates around and shoot to propel yourself at the optimum angle to travel the most distance efficiently using as little ammo as possible. As you fire do not forget to try to propel yourself towards the floating ammo as you will run out of bullets and fall meaning the game is over. As an added challenge collect coins also as these will enable you to unlock cool new guns and eventually an RPG! Keep shooting until you get to the top of the leaderboards.

How to play?

Click or tap to shoot.

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4/1/2019 11:19:48 AM

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Flipping Gun Simulator

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Flipping Gun Simulator Walkthrough Video - How to Play?