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Grindcraft 2 Remastered


GRINDCRAFT remastered is a new version to Grindcraft. You must grind your way through items and worlds inspired by Minecraft. You must mine various resources from the overworld, harvest and gather ripe crops from the field and fight mobs for various other items. GRIND CRAFTS gameplay is very similar to a cookie clicker game. Start with wood production. It will help you create a digger so you will be able to collect different kinds of items such as stone, wood or gold and also, organize your resources to craft a new full range of Minecraft items like tools and structures. Mine different kinds of resources from the overworld. Everything should be organized specially the basic ones because it is needed to build more complex tools. Once you already have the basic tools that are necessary to find iron, gold, etc., you now have the ability to build more advanced constructions and build better and stronger weapons. You can also hire first villagers that can help you work faster. Get all the needed items and plan out on how to make your tools more advanced. Have fun playing this minecraft-inspired game!

How to play?

Click or tap to grind.

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3/23/2019 1:00:23 PM

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Grindcraft 2 Remastered

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Grindcraft 2 Remastered Walkthrough Video - How to Play?