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Train Simulator 2019


Train Simulator 2019 is a cool simulation game in which you take on the job of a train conductor. You must successfully drive your train along the tracks to the designated end destination. Train Simulator 2019 is a driving game about trains. Find out how challenging it could be to drive a huge train through the middle of the city with this awesome Train Simulator 2019. Control one of the world’s most popular transport means on lots of different levels and get to the end of every path without causing any accidents. Set the acceleration and the brake to get a nice speed, use the horn on specific spots to earn some extra coins and switch the railroad whenever you need to get to your destination. Earn enough money to buy better trains and don’t stop until you have passed all stages of this cool Train Simulator 2019! Train Simulator 2019 is a unique simulator game where you get to operate a train. Here you have to drive a train across the railway track by accelerating and applying the brake at right times. You will also have to change the rail track if the path demands it. This game requires your concentration and presence of mind. This would be a true stress buster and a fun game to play.

There are multiple levels to play in this game which becomes interesting gradually as the level increases. Have Fun!

How to play?

Press Left Mouse Button on an action button.

- Control the “acceleration” by dragging the acceleration bar displayed on the screen.
- Apply the “brake” by dragging the brake bar to the maximum and drag the bar to the minimal level while acceleration is applied.
- Click the “change rail” icon to change the rail direction.
- Blow horn where it is required and earn score.

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6/16/2019 10:57:53 AM

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Train Simulator 2019

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Train Simulator 2019 Walkthrough Video - How to Play?