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Description: is a good game of survival in which you must take control of a wandering tribe and help them gather resources and thrive in the wild. Command your tribe to hunt and to find new resources. Invent new technologies that will help you survive in the wilderness. Battle against barbarians and other tribes in this epic online action packed game. Find food, hunt and survive! You start with two simple tribe members. An axe wielder and a bow wielder. Use these members to gather wood and hunt animals for food. Use the resources you gather to build more tribe members and research new abilities too. Manage a group of 1-6 small people who, depending on what tools or weapons you outfit them with, will gather resources for you. Wipe out enemy tribes, meet allies and watch while your archers slaughter rabbits and loot fallen foes as the clouds sail by overhead. You must move around the map to find suitable areas to farm and hunt. Watch out for other tribes too as they can be hostile and try to attack you! Command your tribe in a small dangerous sandbox. Gather resources to recruit new members and equip them properly. Build a variety of different units such as woodcutters, missionaries, axmen and miners to gather resources and grow your tribe. This game has great playability and challenges your management skills and ability to survive! Build your own tribe of wanderers today! Invent new technologies that will help you survive. Battle barbarians and other tribes.

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Tap or use mouse to control your tribe.

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4/11/2019 6:48:08 PM

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